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Next Generation Cybersecurity

Protect your business and your employees from hacker attacks.

Botiguard BusinessSecure

Our standard against hackers and ransom extortion

Made for the steering management

We test your company security and simulate an attack on your company.

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Including certification

Demonstrate cyber security to third parties and relieve management.


Thilo Richter
Managing Director, aicorn

Manufacturer of devices and software for trains

The cooperation was very good from start to finish: both pleasant in personal interaction and professionally good. I also learned a lot about cyber security in a very short time. Overall, thanks to Botiguard, we were able to position ourselves better in the area of cyber security in a very short time.
(translated into English)

Hans Wembacher
Managing Director, and

Plattform für Events, Kurse und Aktivititäten

Botiguard keeps an eye on us, quickly and highly automatically detects possible security gaps, followed by immediate recommendations for action that can and must be implemented in a concrete and comprehensible manner. The monetary damage and the time required for attacks are enormous and x times higher than prevention together with Botiguard. 
(translated into English)

Alexander Burgmanns
Managing Director, Better at school

Plattform für Nachhilfeunterricht

Thank you for your incredible service and great style! – I was particularly shocked by the insights into possible sources of attack and at the same time impressed by how you have all this on screen and were able to put our system through its paces! 
(translated into English)

Patrick Deutschman
CTO and co-founder, FINDIQ


Thanks to Botiguard’s super-fast service and the measures outlined in the personal consultation, we were able to further optimize our cyber security and thus create an important quality feature for our customers. 
(translated into English)

Our services

Cyber ​​security in manufacturing and logistics

We check your production, manufacturing or logistics for cyber security. We have international experience in auditing production facilities. It doesn’t matter which industry you work in.

Cyber ​​security in laboratories, clinics and hospitals

We check your laboratories, test facilities or your hospital for cyber security. We have international experience in testing all kinds of test facilities/laboratories. It doesn’t matter which industry you work in.

Cyber ​​Strategy & Governance

Our experience is based on numerous governance audits conducted worldwide.

Ransom payment negotiation

Have you been hacked? Let professionals negotiate your ransom, otherwise you risk an increase in payment or the negotiation failing.

Attack simulation / Red Team

We simulate a cyber attack on your company.

Cyber ​​Strategy & Governance

Hackers like to buy already leaked data (e.g. passwords). We carry out Darknet analyzes as well as advanced research for companies, cities and municipalities.

Advanced persistent threat forensics and analysis

Have hackers already successfully nested in and created a back door? We analyze your IT and clean your systems.

Security awareness training

We train your staff with our role-based training.

Phishing simulations and campaigns

We carry out phishing simulations and campaigns for your company.

Cyber Security for startups

Numerous startups trust Botiguard and our lean solutions.

NIS2 regulation

Are you prepared for the new EU cybersecurity regulation? We prepare you optimally for it.

The Free State of Bavaria supports Botiguard

Our network


Member of the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security)

Start-up network for the region18

The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand eV association represents over 2400 IT companies in Germany.

We have successfully completed the Cyberlab Accelerator program.

Meet us at SLUSH in Helsinki (13-21 November)

The AHK (Chamber of Foreign Trade) supports us in entering the Finnish market

About us

We are cybersecurity specialists, consist of several employees and have excellent cybersecurity & ransomware know-how.

Average work experience

Our experts are top performers and highly qualified (e.g. ISTQB, Internal Auditing)

At home in European Union and Germany.

The management

Salko Korac

“Botiguard puts a stop to hackers and enables good security, especially for small and medium-sized companies.”

16 years of international IT and cyber security experience

° extensive international IT and cybersecurity experience
° e.g. USA, Portugal, France, Singapore, Poland, India, Serbia.
° certified IT auditor, project manager, ISTQB test manager
° previously employed by banks, insurance companies, startups and the world’s largest automotive supplier.

Main focus

° Cyber ​​security for small and medium-sized businesses
° Cyber ​​security in production, manufacturing, laboratory and clinical
° Cyber ​​strategy and governance
° Ransomware negotiations
° Advanced persistent threat forensics and analysis

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