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What is ransomware?

What is ransomware?

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that encrypts files on your computers, laptops and servers. Your business is completely out of business. You may not be able to create invoices, ship goods, receive materials or manage your inventory.

Hackers encrypt your data (e.g. emails, documents, images, databases) with a secret key that only the hackers know. Decryption of data without a key is practically impossible if the attackers have not made mistakes in the encryption. Your data can thus be lost forever.

TOP 1 risk: Hacker attacks and ransomware Trojans (so-called ransomware) are probably the greatest threats to companies

Ransomware is probably the biggest cyber threat to your business. Of all cyber threats and risks, ransomware is consistently the TOP 1 risk for almost all companies. Therefore, it should definitely be prioritized very high on your risk list and within your organization. The growth rates are enormous. In 2020 we estimate around 300 million attacks, with a growth of 80% even then. For 2021 we estimate 600 million attacks, a growth of 100%. And in 2022 an overall growth of approx. 300% is expected.

How do these hacker attacks work?

Hackers have already largely automated their work and are usually years ahead of their victims. Fully automated attacks are carried out with the help of artificial intelligence. It often happens that a skull and crossbones greets you on your computer in the office in the morning. You will then be informed that your information is now encrypted and can only be recovered after paying the ransom. If you don’t pay within a certain time, the ransom will be doubled. This puts pressure on the victim to pay as soon as possible.

At first, victims often feel powerless. The first thought is usually: I don’t negotiate with extortionists. It spreads at all levels, you talk to management, computers are quickly removed from the network. Different options are discussed. At some point, however, this emotional panic usually gives way to rational business thinking. Then you start thinking about paying?

Who does it specifically concern?

It applies to all companies in all sectors. From a car dealership, bakery, clothing store to car suppliers, hospitals and large companies. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) deserve a special mention. They are often struggling and often have challenges in providing good cyber security or managing complexity. From a technical point of view, ransomware is currently written mainly on Windows-based computer systems and networks. Since 2022, we have also seen an increase in ransomware attacks against Linux-based systems.

Botiguard BusinessSecure: A special solution against hacker attacks & ransomware

Security made in Germany. We have developed a solution specifically against ransomware attacks, or popularly simply called “hacker attacks”. Botiguard BusinessSecure is our standard audit, which covers everything that is currently common or necessary against ransomware and hacker attacks. We are guided by the recommendations of the Federal Ministry for Information Security (BSI) for Germany. With BusinessSecure, even small and medium-sized companies can afford good IT security. It is a highly automated process with personal consultation. You will receive a concrete cyber security report in a few days, but you don’t have to install or know anything yourself. In addition, we advise you personally and independently in understandable language. You benefit from our expertise and experience.

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